To find a position of Aleksandr Kostetsky in modern world of painting we can't be limited by Europian tradition because of his links with more ancient and powerful traditions.
As to Europ, the process initiated by Symbolists and Surrealists that looked like an insane attempt at blowing up the grievous predestination of shapes reached the level of lightness and perfection in Kostetsky's works wich convey the feeling of divine play.
Unlike Dali and Picasso, they present no rigid border whose determinism had to be fought through blood and revolutions, through wars and bomb explosions. The artist Univers is defined by penetrebility and plasticity. Over-serious treatment of form is superseded here by Buddhism divine lijhtness, by physically perseptible hovering. It is not a Surrealism attempt to plunge the mind into a different sense of reality. It is a different experriense of reality. All sorts of -isms engandered by their time, from Symbolism to Dadaism, have been eventually transformed into a new world perseption and vision adequate to current philosophical and psychological interpretation of "here and now". This mode of experiencing reality provides the main impetus for artists works.
Thus, Aleksandr Kostetsky is a highly contemporary artist in his manner of image constructing, though his painting feacher no realities of today. It can be argued that in the long run the main protagonist of his canvases is Paradox. To begin with, the total picture space can be perceived not as background or part the elements, but as a single living organism, reflecting a fairly environment mode of space interpretation. "The Moon Rise", "The Sky Sound", "A Sea Spirit" - each paintings is devoid of loneliness, no matter whether it has human figers or not. It is the space where each point is the center of the Universe.
There are human figers in his works, however, and the artist himself correlated them with the "stuff" figures in the 17th c. paintings where they were placed into the picture texture for the viewer's self-identification and were devoid of individual features. In his paintings "Light from Within", "The Lake", "The Moon Rise" they aquire extraterrestrial shining aspects. THey are all presented in the state of concentration, inner vision or hearing, and at the same time, in the state of lightness. There is no hierarchy there: whimsical figers are thoughtful, wise and seem to be omnipotent. They have airy quality and even if they do not radiate light, they still look luminous. Refinement and grace of their persons and their extraodinary garments suggest the ongoing mystery and subconsciously convay to the viewer special kind of information and special way of interpretation.
In addition to humans, this unusual space is inhabited with non-antropomorphic creatures. For instance, "Piligrims" or "The Sea Sririt" feature vivid substances shaped like spheres, shells, pillars wich delineate whole spaces in our superconscious. As to the space traditionally seenas a metaphor for the artist's penetration into the essence of the world, its treatment is definetly painters forte. ...

From the article by Olga Koslovskaya, translater Nataly Vysotskaya